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Superior Security to Protect Your Home

Your security is of paramount importance to us at Evolution. Each of our timber alternative windows, doors and conservatories are designed and tested to not only look beautiful in your home, but to be highly secure. Our range of solid, sturdy, tested and reliable locking mechanisms and systems are more than tough enough to cope with modern life as well as keep out unwanted intruders.

Research shows that in the UK, burglars strike every 40 seconds. Families with children are likely victims and in many cases, there is someone at home at the time of the crime and often this happens in broad daylight. You are six times more likely to be burgled without both window locks and double locks or deadlocks on outside doors.

All our windows and doors come complete with comprehensive locking systems with shoot bolts top and bottom. We employ silver-finished steel bolts throughout our security systems, for absolute consistency and effectiveness.

Window Security

We use high security shoot bolt locking on all window product brands - Storm, Storm2 and Flush, to keep you and your home safe. Our high security window locks engage on three sides of the opening casement to give maximum protection against intrusion. The other side of the opening sash is made secure by fitting security SAC bolts. With all four sides of our side or top hung opening sashes secure you can be assured that your home is fully protected against would be intruders.

We also offer a range of locking handles for extra security on our windows. This adds an extra safety feature for example for top storey rooms accessible by children or the vulnerable.

Window security

Door Security

All of our timber alternative, English Door Company doors are supplied with high security multi-point locking built into the door. The locks and cams engage in 10 different positions to give maximum protection to your home and belongings. 4 pre-compression rollers allow our doors to seal prior to hooks engaging for smooth operation. Anti-lift bolts are fitted to prevent the door lock being dislodged from the keeps and a centre latch for ease of day to day operation, incorporating dead-lock action when bolts and locks are engaged for added security.

The cylinders used are also high security and boast features such as anti-drill, antisnap, anti-pick and anti-bump to help keep unwanted intruders at bay and to keep your home safe and secure for many years.

Window security









Committed To Quality10 Year Guarantee

Buying windows and doors is a major purchase decision. We are so confident of the enduring quality of the locking mechanisms of all of our windows and doors that they are supplied with a 10 year Guarantee for added peace of mind.