EvolutionAcoustic GlazingWindows, redefined.

Noise Control & Sound Insulating Glass

We know from talking to our customers that you are looking for the most energy efficient windows you can buy for
your home. Our double glazed windows, our standard offering, are already highly energy efficient, however there are
upgradeable options to make your new windows even more efficient.

A key criteria for new windows is minimising sound. There is a comfort in knowing that when you close your windows you are closing out the outside world too. Therefore, we offer an acoustic glass option for both our Storm 2 and Flush window ranges that can reduce the external noise levels you hear inside your home by up to 30%.

In simple terms, acoustic glass is a laminated glass which has a noise reduction interlayer not found in standard double glazed units. This layer significantly reduces the amount of excess noise from external sources such as railway lines, roads, air traffic etc without compromising on light transmission or the energy performance of your windows. If you value a peaceful life from external noise, this is definitely worth considering.