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Top 10 tips to warm up your home and reduce energy bills


As temperatures cool and energy prices rise, we’ve put together our best ideas on how to keep your home warm this winter, while having the added benefit of saving money on your bills.

Capture the sun’s heat

As the sun’s heat is free, try and capture it for yourself. Keep your curtains and blinds open in the day to let in as much sunlight as is available. As night falls, close your curtains to keep in the warmth. Invest in thicker curtains to prevent heat escaping, or treat yourself to a new thermally lined blind.

Sofa in the sun with blinds

Prevent draughts

Keep your internal doors shut to keep the rooms where you spend the most time warm. If you notice a draught blowing under your door, buy or make a simple draught excluder or have them fitted to all your doors. Evolution’s timber alternative external doors are highly energy efficient and draught free.

reduce energy bills

Turn down the heat

Turn down your thermostat by just 1°C, which could save up to 10 per cent on your annual heating bill. But make sure you take note that Public Health England recommends a minimum room temperature of 18°C. 

save on heating bills

Unblock radiators

Bleed radiators to ensure there is no air trapped and they are working efficiently. Make sure you have no curtains or furniture covering your radiators so they don’t block the heat. A sheet of special radiator foil (or even foil-covered card) down the back of the radiator helps reflect heat back into the room.

Bleed radiators

Upgrade your glazing

Most homes are now equipped with double glazing. But did you know triple glazing is approximately 40% more energy efficient than an A-Rated double glazed window (according to the GGF Energy Saving Calculator)? Three panes of glass triples the amount of glass that heat has to get through, slowing its movement and trapping air to give real insulation power. Evolution’s double or triple glazed windows come with a 10-year guarantee and are highly energy efficient.

reduce bills

Block up fireplaces

When your wood-burning stove is not in use, check the flue and glass doors are closed to minimise heat loss. If your fireplace is merely decorative, how about fitting a chimney balloon? This inflated bag fills the chimney to prevent heat escaping and cold air intruding.

save on heating bills

Narrow the gap

Check floorboards and skirting boards for gaps - 15 per cent of your home’s heat can be lost through the floor alone. It’s simple to fix with some sealant, saving money on your heating bill. Cat flaps can be sealed with an old blanket and letterboxes can be filled with a brush.

save on heating bills

Upgrade your boiler

If your boiler is over 10 years old, consider replacing it with a more energy efficient one, which is very likely to save you money on your heating bills in the long run. Boilers are rated from A to G, whereby A is the most efficient. If you’re not ready to upgrade, our advice is to service your boiler annually to make sure it’s running efficiently and won’t break down when you least expect it.

new boiler

Warm up your floors

If you haven’t got underfloor heating, a chunky rug will add an extra layer of warmth to a tiled or wooden floor. And if that doesn’t warm your feet up, try thermal socks!

reduce energy bills

Insulate your roof and walls

Poorly insulated roofs and walls are responsible for half the heat loss in a typical home. The Energy Saving Trust estimates the average British home could save up to £200 by installing sufficient loft insulation and cavity wall insulation. So next time you’re up in the loft, check your insulation levels and don’t forget to see if there are any draughts escaping through your loft hatch. 


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