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Double Glazed Windows Will Ruin the Look of My House

ouble Glazed Windows Will Ruin the Look of My House

We understand it, you’ve put a lot of time, money and effort into your home and when you need to have windows fitted, you don’t want to inadvertently undo all that hard work. That is why so many homeowners believe that installing double glazed windows will ruin the look of their house.

PVCu Windows Available in Various Styles

In the past, double glazing windows were designed with a special beading on the exterior of the fixing to help hold the glass in place. This would create points of vulnerability in the windows that would make them easier for burglars to remove them, giving them access to your home and all your possessions. Some windows from a few decades ago with this beading were particularly vulnerable, as a burglar could simply strip out this beading from all around the edges and pop out the pane.

Thanks to advancements and improvements in the PVCu windows industry, you can now select PVCu windows that don’t even look like they are made of plastic. This means that regardless of the style of your home, whether it’s incredibly modern or distinctly traditional, you can find a PVCu style to match.

At Evolution we offer a wide variety of different window styles, including:

PVCu Windows Available in Various Styles

Leaded PVCu Windows

Leaded glass provides an additional decorative and distinctive look to plain glazing. As well as that, they also add an extra layer of privacy and are perfect for period properties, especially those based on Tudor homes. You can choose from various styles of leaded windows, such as Queen Anne, diamond, rectangular and square leaded to give you the look you need.

leaded windows look of house

Georgian PVCu Windows

Even if you are unfamiliar with the name of the style, you’ll be familiar with the classic look of bars running horizontally and vertically across the glass pane, to create multiple panes of glass within one window. At the time, they were developed this way because glass was at a premium and the window tax that was imposed at the time was only reduced during the latter half of the Georgian era. Evolution offers a wide range of Georgian Bar options, such as the 36mm, the Ovalo and the putty finish bar.

georgian windows look of house

Bay Windows PVCu Windows

Bow and bay windows were first conceptualised to increase the amount of light entering a room and make it feel bigger in rainy and dark London. Nowadays, they are still used in the same way.

bay windows look of house

PVCu Double Glazing Available in Various Colours and Finishes

Just as there are various styles, as outlined above, PVCu windows now offer a huge range of different colours and finishes. That includes timber-effect so you no longer need to have PVCu windows that look plastic.

These wood effect foils have a beautiful textured wood grain feel and when combined with timber style joints they really are true alternatives to timber. This means that you have the beauty of timber, but with all the benefits of PVCu such as easy cleaning and longevity against the elements.

You can have windows in any of the styles above, in just about any conceivable colour you can imagine, to fit in with the existing look and colour scheme of your home, both on the exterior and interior.

So, as you can see, modern double-glazed windows can do much to enhance the existing look and feel of your property, rather than ruining it. If you have a period property, you can find a suitable PVCu to match, likewise if you need something ultra-contemporary, PVCu windows can also provide the solution you need.

PVCu Double Glazing Available in Various Colours and Finishes

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