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Do PVCu Windows Require Any Maintenance?

PVCu Windows Maintenance

You’ve probably heard people in favour of PVCu talk constantly about how they are a maintenance free alternative to timber and aluminium windows. Perhaps you have been interested in buying PVCu windows for your home but are just not sure if the whole maintenance free business is just some kind of slick sales patter. In the following post we hope to clarify some things for you regarding PVCu windows and how to maintain them.

The truth is that they really don’t require much in the way of maintenance. They are not affected by the weather as timber is and don’t age when they’re not treated. However, to say that they are completely maintenance free is being disingenuous.

It’s important to appreciate how different PVCu windows and related products work and the appropriate attention and cleaning you should give them and when. This will ensure you get the very best out of your PVCu windows.

Cleaning the Frames

To start with, there is one job you should do on a regular basis and that is clean the faces of PVCu frames. All you need to do this is some gentle liquid detergent mixed with some warm water. It’s vital you use non-abrasive formulas as the more abrasive ones could cause irreversible damage to the window frames. It’s often the case that internal PVCu surfaces can suffer from discolouration from cooking fumes or smoking. Rather than using abrasive substances or chemical cleaners, you should speak to an expert about returning the PVCu to its former glory, and remember to clean the underside of your PVCu – not just the visible parts.

PVCu Windows Maintenance

The Need for Drainage

When there has been a heavy downpour of rain, you may notice a collection of water at the bottom of your window frames. This is what’s supposed to happen, and the water will eventually drain away down the drainage holes or will simply evaporate.

double glazing is ugly

Build Up of Condensation

Condensation is something we all must contend with at some point in our homes. If there is moisture in the air and the temperatures are constantly fluctuating between high and low on either side of your windows, you will get condensation. How bad the condensation is will directly relate to how great the temperature fluctuation is and how much moisture is in the air.

Bedroom, bathroom and kitchen windows are the fixtures most affected by condensation. Although double glazed windows will, to an extent, reduce the problem of condensation, they won’t stop it from occurring completely.

PVCu Windows Maintenance

Leaded Light Double-Glazed Units

With any new work involving lead, when there is rain exposure, oxidisation will occur and has visible signs in the form of mottled or white staining on the leadwork. This is a natural process and once the process has reached completion, the lead will turn a dark grey colour and stains will no longer be an issue.

That way, you can be sure they will carry out the work to the highest standard possible.

So, to summarise, no PVCu windows are not all the same. There are differences across the board whether it’s the brand behind them, the type of window fixture they are designed for, their thermal insulation and efficiency ratings and how secure they are.

PVCu Windows Maintenance

Friction Hinges Maintenance

Obviously, you want your windows to open and close smoothly each time. You can make sure this is always the case by:

  • Ensuring that the track, sliding shoe and pivots of the hinges are clear of dirt, grime and debris.
  • Cleaning the hinges with a silicon spray and retightening the screws, where necessary.
PVCu Windows Maintenance

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