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Do PVCu Double Glazed Windows Creak, Crack and Warp in the Summer?

double glazing in the sun

PVCu is one of the most popular choices as an alternative to traditional wooden window frames, mainly because it does not require quite as much maintenance and attention for it to perform year after year.

One of the issues many people have with timber windows is due to the nature of wood - it tends to bend and warp depending on the temperature and conditions. That and the fact they need treating and cleaning with special products on a regular basis.

PVCu on the other hand requires little else other than a clean damp cloth and some light detergent and water mixture. However, there are a lot of misconceptions about PVCu windows - misconceptions that may put you off investing in them.

For instance, you may have heard horror stories about PVCu windows having similar problems or just want to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting when you buy them. If you only know a little about plastic, you will know that the question posed at the outset, do PVCu double glazed windows creak, crack and warp in the summer, is justifiable.

Plastic Does Expand on Warmer Days

One of the characteristics of plastic is that it will expand during hot weather. Even if it’s just a little, it will expand and contract. Does that mean the same will happen with those PVCu double glazing windows you’ve got your heart set on having installed into your home?

In the past, we would have had to have answered with yes, but since improvements have been made to double and triple glazed windows, it’s no longer the case. Why?

PVCu Double Glazed Windows Creak, Crack and Warp

Galvanised Steel Used in Many PVCu Products

Thanks to improvements in the design of PVCu windows, whether they are triple or double glazed, significant expanding is a thing of the past. This is because of the use of galvanised steel in the production. This robust and durable material is used to bolster, toughen and strengthen the PVCu to prevent any issues occurring due to changes in weather conditions.

We can’t outrightly say expanding, warping, cracking and creaking won’t ever happen at all because all materials are affected by weather conditions and temperature fluctuations. However, what we can say is that although PVCu will expand to some extent, it will be the bare minimum and you really won’t notice it thanks to how tough and durable this kind of plastic is. PVCu windows will always retain their size and shape, which is why they are popular for areas where there are harsh climates from one season to the other.

As the UK is not known as being especially hot, even during the peak of summer, it’s safe to say that it would only be on the rarest of occasions the temperature here would be hot enough to cause any expanding, creaking, cracking and otherwise warping.

PVCu Double Glazed Windows Creak, Crack and Warp

Poor Quality Materials and Workmanship

If you invest in cheaper, more poorly constructed window frames and fixtures, your PVCu double glazed windows may creak, crack and even warp during the summer, or even the winter for that matter.

Added to that, you need to be aware of how well new windows are installed. If they are not installed correctly, or installed with sub-standard materials, there is a chance they will move as the weather changes.

However, if you choose an official Evolution installer to install your products, you will benefit from high quality PVCu windows that won’t react negatively to changes in temperature.

PVCu Double Glazed Windows Creak, Crack and Warp

Existing Damages to the PVCu Windows

Another reason PVCu windows might suffer during hot or cold weather is that they already have existing damage. If any components of your PVCu windows suffer from damage, even if it’s just slight scrapes or scratches on the windows or a small crack in the frame, this can affect how well it is able to hold up against weather and environmental conditions.

Again, this can be avoided by investing in double or even triple glazing PVCu windows from a company who have a wealth of experience and many decades of served time in the industry working with these materials.

So, if you would like to know more about investing in PVCu windows, Evolution and our products please contact us.

PVCu Double Glazed Windows Creak, Crack and Warp

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