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Do Double Glazing Windows Only Come In White?

Double Glazing Windows Only Come In White

There was a time when you only really got double glazing windows, especially if they were made from PVCu or uPVC, in white. Coloured windows were very much an unheard-of thing. Because of that fact, many people believe that this is still the case. However, thanks to developments and improvements to the technology and engineering of PVC windows, coloured windows are now possible and a great way to add a bit of colour and character to the exterior of your property.

How, though, is this done? In the following post, we discuss the different methods for adding colour to PVC windows.

Types of Coloured uPVC Window Finishes

There are two main methods for adding colour to PVC:

  • Spray painting
  • Laminated colour foils

How is it done?

Double Glazing Windows Only Come In White

Spray Painting PVC Windows

With spray painting, it’s self-explanatory, the PVC window frames are sprayed with high-quality spray paint either once they are installed or while they are still in the factory. The only time really that people will have their windows spray painted when they are already installed is when they want to change the window’s colour. There have been many issues in the past regarding paint peeling and fading once a few years have passed. However, cutting-edge and contemporary painting technology has improved a lot since then.

Nowadays, there are paints that are manufactured specifically to be used with hard plastics like PVC, uPVC and PVCu. That includes polyester powder coatings, acrylic paints, polycarbonate paints and ABS paints.

Double Glazing Windows Only Come In White

The biggest advantage of opting for spray painting for colouring your PVC windows is the sheer wealth of options with regards to colours.

As noted above, for the gap and the whole point of double glazing to work effectively, it needs to be sealed tightly to trap air on the inside and outside and is filled with a vacuum or inert gas. That’s why when you hire a company to install windows, they will need to visit your home to measure each window so they can design and create a window specifically for your home.

Spray paints also have the following benefits:

  • They are UV rays and scratch resistant
  • Offer the choice between metallic or pearlescent finishes
  • Offer the choice between matte satin or gloss finishes
Double Glazing Windows Only Come In White

Using Laminated Colour Foils On PVC Windows

The process of adding colour using laminated colour foils on PVC frames is completely different to spray painting and is only possible at the factory during the process of manufacturing. Essentially, the procedure involves the laying of a colour foil, otherwise known as skin, over the frame surface and then it is basically baked on. In this procedure the colour is fused or boned on securely to the frame surface. The allows the foil to have a degree of texture, making it possible to give it a wood-grain effect finish. This is obviously very aesthetically pleasing. The major downside to using foil over spray paint is there are not quite as many colours available.

Double Glazing Windows Only Come In White

There are around 20 colours available across the board, with most installers offering around 12 to 14 colours in addition to the wooden-grain effect.

Some of the popular laminated colour foil colours includes:

  • Anthracite Grey
  • Pearl Grey
  • Rosewood
  • Mahogany
  • Light Oak
  • Chartwell Green
  • Cream
  • Brown/Black
PVCu Double Glazing Available in Various Colours and Finishes

Evolution Offers Just About Any Colour You Want

With Evolution and their Kolorbond system, you can have the option of just about any colour you like for your windows, as well as wood-grain finishes. They offer more than 200 RAL colours.

The Standard Colours offered by Evolution Windows include 10 timber-effect finishes and 1 completely smooth and glossy finish, which have all been chosen with the goal of complimenting a huge variety of different kinds of houses.

The woodgrain coloured finishes for their windows are scratch-resistant and durable and are easy to clean offering the highest level of performance and will last a very long time through all weather conditions, whether its coastal conditions, high levels of rainfall or the brightest and warmest sunlight. Some of the most popular colours, unsurprisingly are traditional options such as natural oak, white grain and cream, whereas more modern colours that are gaining popularity include Anthracite, Agate Grey and Olive Grey.

Double Glazing Windows Only Come In White

One of the great things about having coloured PVC windows is that you can have the option to have a different colour on the exterior to the interior. That means you are not restricted to just have the same colour throughout.

So, if the colour Agate Grey better matches the exterior of your property, but different colours match up with the different rooms better, such as a light blue for the bathroom, a deep purple for the bedroom and a yellow for the kitchen, you can do that.

So, to answer in summary, the question posed in the title of this post – no, double glazed PVC windows do not need to be just white anymore.

Double Glazing Windows Only Come In Whites

Your next steps

Double Glazing Windows Only Come In White

Request a brochure

If you can’t visit your local Evolution showroom but still want to find out more about our beautiful handcrafted windows and doors then simply order a brochure today and be inspired. 

Double Glazing Windows Only Come In White

Request a quotation

Speak to one of our friendly, experienced designers to discuss your requirements and individual project needs. We will provide you with advice and a detailed, no-obligation quotation. 

Double Glazing Windows Only Come In White

Visit a showroom

To truly explore Evolution, why not visit your local showroom where you can see the Evolution difference for yourself. We are also always happy to welcome visitors to our Bedfordshire head office. 

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