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Conservatories Building Regulations

Living Spaces, redefined.

Conservatories are a fabulous addition to your home. They don’t just add an extra room to your property but they really let you enjoy your garden. But one thing to consider before you proceed with your renovation plans, is do you need to get building regulations approval for the conservatory?

We know everything there is to know about conservatories, so stay with us and we will help you through the ins and outs of the relevant building regulations and support you on what you might need to do next.

Good News

So let’s start with the definition of what a conservatory is. A conservatory is classed as a building with a clear or opaque roof and has to have more than 50% of its wall area glazed.

So the next question is do we need planning permission for adding one to our home? The good news is that conservatories are normally exempt from having to adhere to building regulations.

Windows & Door Security Building Regulations

Your conservatory must meet a number of conditions:

  • They need to be built at ground level and less than 30 square metres in floor area
  • The conservatory is separate from the main home by external quality doors
  • At least half of the new wall and three quarters of the roof is glazed
  • Any glazing and any fixed electrical installations must comply with the applicable building regulations.
conservatories Building Regulations

Building an Extension

If you are planning on building the conservatory as part of an extension to your property then you will need to adhere to building regulations. Also, you will require building regulations approval if you are building any new structural openings between the conservatory and the existing house; even if the conservatory itself is an exempt structure.

conservatory Building Regulations

Extension & Conservatory Building Regulations

You will need to ensure that your work complies with the Energy Conservation Building Regulations. As the UK Government is very committed to reducing energy usage and carbon emissions, they have set guidelines on the level and style of glazing that should be used within conservatory and extensions.

You will need to inform the local building control department with the glazing calculations for the conservatory/extension. You will also need to show that the level of glazing in the windows, doors and roof lights in the original home does not exceed 25% of the floor area of the conservatory, and the floors of the home combined. It is also key to ensure that all windows and doors purchased adhere to the current U values.

Windows & Door Security Building Regulations

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