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Can You Replace Double Glazing Yourself?

replacing windows diy

There’s no two ways about it, double glazing windows are an expensive investment. If you have a tight budget or are just a thrifty kind of person, you may always try to do things yourself rather than paying the high price for professionals to work you feel you could do yourself. However, although you may want to take on landscape gardening, painting, decorating and even woodwork, there are some tasks and projects that it may be best leaving to the professionals.

You wouldn’t, for instance, take on the gas and electric work in your house, without the necessary qualifications and certifications. This is obviously due to the safety issues surrounding gas and electricity. Issues that you may not think exist with replacing double glazing will arise.

So, can you do double glazing yourself and save some money in the process?

Well, the answer is yes and no. Yes, you can technically buy all the materials and tools and carry out the work yourself, but there are some very good reasons why you should hire professionals. Even if it means paying those hefty bills. In the following post, we look at some of the most crucial of these.

It’s Not Actually Cheaper

Although you may be thinking of taking on the work yourself to save some money, it may cost you more as you need special tools and equipment to complete a double-glazing window installation to a high standard. And although you may be able to source the equipment and tools, they are going to put a dent in your budget before you start any work. That’s even before you’ve factored in the cost of the actual window components, such as the frame and double-glazing windowpane.

Interestingly, the highest cost you may need to pay when carrying out the work yourself is paying to repair any damages you’ve caused while doing it.

cheaper install your own windows

Badly Installed Windows Can Increase Your Bills

Along with paying for fixes to damages you cause while trying to install double glazing yourself, if your windows aren’t installed properly, it could cost you higher energy bills. Remember, the whole reason you want double glazing for your property in the first place is to keep your energy bills down, so it would be contrary to that requirement if it costs you more.

There may not be any notable evidence that this is the case, at first. Though an amateur job may look how you’d expect it to, there could be gaps and the sealant could be installed incorrectly.

diy windows increase energy costs

Safety Issues

It’s not just the fact it’s a complicated job that takes years of specialised training and gaining industry-recognised qualifications to achieve a professional standard of workmanship at, it’s also extremely dangerous. As well as causing damage to your property, you can put your own safety and those around you at risk. Whether it’s falling from a ladder while trying to navigate a heavy window into place or the windows dropping and shattering.

replace windows yourself

Evolution Only Allow Authorised Installers To Install Their Products

Even if the above wasn’t enough to convince you against the idea, there is also one other aspect you need to seriously consider. Many manufacturers will not let unqualified individuals, even those who can demonstrate some degree of skill in window installation, work with their products. Take Evolution Windows for instance, they are one such company who produce high quality windows and doors. Only authorised installers can work with their windows.

How does that effect you? Okay, so you might not want Evolution Windows’ products in your property, but it means you might have a hard time finding windows of a high enough quality to give you the long-term savings on your energy bills that you’re after.

install windows yourself

Why It’s Best to Hire Professionals

So, in answer to the question posed in the title of this post. Yes, you obviously can install your own double-glazing windows. As long as you can source the right materials, find a company that will sell you the products and are able to carry out the complex work.

However, when you weigh up the potential cost of doing so, and particularly if things go wrong, you need to ask yourself ‘is it really worth the risk?’

use professionals to install windows

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