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Are PVCu Double Glazed Windows Bad for the Environment?

As we become a nation of people ever more concerned with the impact we have on the environment, making choices that are eco-friendly has become more important. Increasingly, people taking the environmental impact of their windows in to account when researching which windows are best for their home.

So, are PVCu Double Glazed Windows bad for the environment?

Better Thermal Insulation

The doors and windows of houses are often one of the most significant sources of heat loss in a home. This means that more heating is needed throughout the winter months which in turn means higher energy usage. PVCu windows help to reduce this inefficiency through the use of double-glazed windows and the frame construction method.

It may seem counter intuitive but air is a fantastic insulator and but designing in small pockets of air in both the glass and frames PVCu double glazed windows are able to significantly reduce thermal energy transfer. This means they keep the warm air in your home and the cold air out.

These pockets of air between the two panes of glass in the windows are common knowledge but the design of the frames are less well known. High quality PVCu frames have at least 5 chambers within the construction which provide additional thermal insulation against heat loss and play a significant role in the insulation property of the window system as a whole. While timber windows can be fitted this double glazing, they can not compete when it comes to frame construction.

are pvcu windows good for the environment

They are Highly Recyclable

We are all very aware of the campaign to reduce plastic use the real problem is plastic waste. While the PVCu frames are made of plastic it is worth noting that the plastic and glass used is high quality and therefore highly recyclable. This includes both the old frames you may be removing and the newly installed ones so please remember to recycle your old windows!

are pvcu windows good for the environment

They Require Less Maintenance and Care

It is true, one of the major reasons why so many people decide to have PVCu windows installed is because they require little to no maintenance and care but how does the amount of maintenance and care affect how good or bad for the environment PVCu windows are? Simply put, you don’t need to use as much consumable materials to look after them.

They only require cleaning with a damp, or even soapy cloth and maybe some oil or other suitable lubricant when they start to get stiff.

However, more importantly, PVCu windows do not require painting. This is even true of coloured PVCu windows, like those available from Evolution Windows. Indeed, Evolution have gone one step further and now use a hard-wearing, water-based paint, that is naturally better for the environment.

are pvcu windows good for the environment

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