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Are All PVCu Windows the Same?

old ugly windows

To look at, PVCu windows generally all look the same. Particularly if they have the traditional white plastic look. So, does it really matter which company you use or which product you use?

One of the issues many people have with timber windows is due to the nature of wood - it tends to bend and warp depending on the temperature and conditions. That and the fact they need treating and cleaning with special products on a regular basis.

Well, yes it does. Because not only is it a misconception that they are all the same but it is crucial that you make informed decisions when choosing the best PVCu for your home and budget.

There are various aspects that differ from one PVCu window to another, including:

  • Lifespan
  • Thermal insulation
  • Protection against wind and rain
  • Security
  • Cost

If they were all the same, there would be no need to worry about choosing the right PVCu products or installer. There would not be any differences in price either. But there is and that’s why it’s imperative you understand that before buying your replacement windows.

Some windows are made for particular purposes on a home, such as to reflect light on a south facing aspect to keep the room cool, or it may even come down to the style or colour you wish to adopt on your property.

Plastic Does Expand on Warmer Days

One of the characteristics of plastic is that it will expand during hot weather. Even if it’s just a little, it will expand and contract. Does that mean the same will happen with those PVCu double glazing windows you’ve got your heart set on having installed into your home?

In the past, we would have had to have answered with yes, but since improvements have been made to double and triple glazed windows, it’s no longer the case. Why?

All PVCu Windows the Same

Not All PVCu Windows Are Made Equal

As with any product, the price of windows, while it shouldn’t be used as the only determining factor, can often tell you a lot about its quality and the materials used. For instance, as with anything else, PVCu windows that are priced much lower than others are probably made from cheaper materials.

The fact that they are made from cheaper materials, in turn, means that it’s likely they are not as effective at their job as the more expensive products. For example, in Evolution PVCu windows, there are multiple chambers incorporated into the design and structure that help to enhance them, strengthening them and improving their thermal efficiency.

That’s something you don’t get in cheaper options from other companies. So, while it’s perfectly okay to look to try and save as much money as you can, you should be very cautious about rushing to invest in cheap and potentially inferior windows that could cause more problems than they solve.

All PVCu Windows the Same

Find the PVCu Windows that Match Your Needs

One of the most important parts of looking for PVCu and another clear indicator that there are differences from one product to the other, is that you need to choose the right PVCu windows that will meet your own specific needs and requirements.

For instance, the window you choose for a ground floor window may be different to the one you choose for the third floor in a property. As the third-floor window is likely to be exposed to more winds and driving rain than the ground floor window, you need a product that can cope better with that type of environment. Alternatively, the covered ground floor window is unlikely to be so easily affected by driving rain and wind, but more likely to be at the risk of intruders and break-ins. So, you’d need to have a PVCu windows installed that are designed for the task you are planning to use it for.

However, the most important task when choosing PVCu windows, whether they are replacements for your existing windows or completely new windows for a new build property, is that you conduct research or speak to an expert.

All PVCu Windows the Same

Consider Evolution PVCu Products

At Evolution, we are happy to answer any further questions you may have about any of our products, lines or double glazing and PVCu windows in general. We have a directory of officially approved and authorised installers who are fully trained and understand our products.

That way, you can be sure they will carry out the work to the highest standard possible.

So, to summarise, no PVCu windows are not all the same. There are differences across the board whether it’s the brand behind them, the type of window fixture they are designed for, their thermal insulation and efficiency ratings and how secure they are.

All PVCu Windows the Same

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