Bay Windows

Windows, redefined.

Bay Windows Styles & Designs

Some windows are focused on letting in light. Others are built to change the exterior appearance of a structure. Bay windows do both.

Bay windows are glass-sided recesses that protrude outwards from the house. From the exterior, they look like a decorative expansion growing out of the house. From the interior, however, it's the equivalent of what a bay is to the ocean: a small inlet that's slightly separated from main space.

Evolution Storm and Flush windows are available in a wide range of Bay Windows designs and styles.

Why choose a Bay Window?

The formal purpose of a bay window is to increase the surface area of a wall, and therefore increase the amount of natural light that can enter through that wall. By extending the window beyond the wall, you let more light in than if you had set the window into the flat wall itself. It also adds space to the interior as well, making a room look larger or more spacious.

Bay Window Styles

There are several styles of Bay window to choose from, most of which involve setting 3 or more panes of glass into a specific shape. It is the shape of the bay window which most characterizes its style.

Box Bay Windows

The Box Bay window is shaped like a box, generally a rectangular one. With flat sides, a flat front, and some sort of roof, this is an extremely common style of bay window that can be found across the UK. If the sides of the box bay window are angled instead of flat, it may also be called a canted window.

Box bay windows

Bow Bay Windows

There are two styles of bay windows that are based on curves. A gently curved, semi-circular configuration of glass panes creates a Bow bay window, sometimes just called a bow window. In general, you need at least four segments of glass panes to create a bay of this shape.

bow bay window

Circle Bay Windows

The Bow Bay window is a gently arching feature, but you can tighten that into a more extreme visual and decorative element called a Circle Bay Window. The circle bay, like the bow bay, is semicircular but more visually prominent. As a result, they're very often embellished with crown mouldings or other decorations, but are also very functional in bringing additional natural light into a room.

circle bay windows

Bay Window Finishes

As well as Storm or Flush designs, there is a wide range of colours and finishes to choose from. There are also a wealth of glass designs available, including the popular Georgian bar and leaded glass designs.

The equal sightlines of Evolution windows ensure your bay window looks completely symmetrical, a feature that’s not always found with modern day windows. Our timber alternative bay windows are not just an attractive show piece for your home, they offer full draught exclusion, weather proofing and durability and of course an A energy rating as standard.

Bay window finishes