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Choosing a Colour for Your New Windows

Choosing the right window colour to compliment your home can be a daunting decision. New windows are often a significant investment and the choices made will be with you for many years to come.

During the process of selecting your new windows, you will likely look through many swatches of beautiful colours and likely see samples at your local installers, but which one should you go for? 


Sometimes the most difficult part is envisioning how these colours will transfer to your home at scale, especially considering how much of a prominent feature window are. You want something that will work with the architecture of your home and enhance the beauty of your property.

Another consideration when replacing existing windows is whether you want to recreate the current look or go in a different direction. The frames you choose can drastically alter the look of your home and elevate it in ways that may surprise you.

In short, choosing your new windows is a personal choice that brings into account many factors, so here are a few points to help you on your journey:



Personal style?

The first question to ask yourself is, what do you like? To help with this, the internet is a great first step, with sites like Instagram and Pinterest showcasing just about every combination of style and colour you can imagine. Do you like the aesthetics of a traditional farmhouse or cottage or do your tastes err on the side of modern? Do you generally prefer more muted tones or love a pop of colour, something classic or something quirky. Having a few ideas of what you think looks good is a great start when narrowing down your search for your next windows.



Your home.

Now that you have established what you like (and dislike), it’s time to be practical. Does your preferred style work with your home? If you love a contemporary style window in Anthracite grey, with slim sightlines and large glass panes but live in a cottage, the contrasting styles may not complement one another. Although this is again a personal choice as we have seen many projects over the years that shouldn’t have worked on paper but yielded fantastic results.

You should also consider the brickwork of your home. If your home is a deep shade of red, then a dark wood tone like Rosewood may not be the best choice but a Cream, White Woodgrain or Evolution Oak could give your home a clean and vibrant aesthetic.

If you have neighbours with similar style homes, then walking around your neighbourhood can be a great idea. Seeing window styles and colours on a large scale on homes that closely match yours can be one of the quickest ways to narrow your search (and you get a little fresh air at the same time 😊).


Light or dark.

Now that you have considered your personal style and the aesthetics of your home. Before getting too deep into specific colour selection, ask yourself a simpler question, light or dark frames? Generally, darker frames can make a bold statement whereas light colours can look very clean and bright. If you have features on the exterior of your property that you do not want to detract from, then maybe lighter shades will work for you as they will take away less focus. On the other hand, a darker shade can draw more attention and could bring some character to the exterior of your home.


If unsure, go classic.

Trends come and go. Be mindful when looking at the must-have colours at the time. Remember that your timber alternative windows from Evolution will last for many years to come. Just because a colour is the very essence of modern and trendy today, does not guarantee that it will age well. How will you feel about your choice in 1, 5 or even 10 years?


Visit your local installer.

Now that you hopefully have a clearer idea of what you like and what will work with your home, the best thing you can do is consult the professionals. At Evolution, we have a carefully selected, nationwide installer network. They have all been carefully vetted to ensure they have the knowledge, the skills, and the customer service to give Evolution customers the very best experience.

Find your local installer today:


Something for the bold.

Remember that if you have a particular colour in mind or want something really unique, we offer a colour matching service with over 200 RAL colours.

Whatever you choose, our painting process involves applying a hard-wearing coating that has a guarantee of 10 years but carries the life expectancy of 30+ years for total peace of mind and virtually maintenance-free timber alternative windows.

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