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How Strong Are PVCu Windows?

How Strong Are PVCu Windows

When you’re choosing new windows for your home, your top priority is almost always security. You need to make certain that your windows are capable of withstanding severe weather while also being able to repel break-ins effectively. PVCu windows are known for their excellent durability, but are they strong enough to meet every homeowner’s requirements?

Evidence has shown that in the United Kingdom, burglars try to enter a property illegally every forty seconds, even in broad daylight. This is a very worrying statistic, especially when taking into account the fact that families that have young children are the most likely victims, and, all-too-often, somebody is actually in the property when the crime takes place. With this in mind, it’s more important than ever to ensure that you’ve chosen windows which can be guaranteed to keep your loved ones and your home safe.

Strong and Sturdy Frames

If you choose PVCu windows, you can rest assured that your new window frames will be constructed to the highest specifications. PVCu frames are well-known for their strength, sturdiness and durability, so you can be confident that your home will be well-protected, whether from intruders or from inclement weather. When these strong frames are fitted by a highly trained and professional company such as Evolution, you can have confidence that your frames will withstand break-ins. It is even possible to have galvanised steel reinforcement built into your window frames whenever necessary for even greater protection.

How Strong Are PVCu Windows

Tough and Resilient Glass

Double glazed windows are, by their nature, designed for extra strength and protection from the elements. Not only will double glazing keep heat inside your home, it will also keep inclement weather out. Double glazing is also excellent protection from break-ins, helping to keep your property safe from any burglars or intruders who attempt to gain entry. The glass used in Evolution’s double or triple glazed windows has been manufactured to kite mark standard BS5713 for peace of mind and also feature toughened glass which has been manufactured to BS6262 Class A.

How Strong Are PVCu Windows

Effective Locking Systems

It goes without saying that your own and your family’s security is of utmost importance. Evidence has shown that homeowners have a 6 times greater chance of being burgled if they fail to have window locks. That’s why, when you come to Evolution for your PVCu windows you can rest assured that they have not only been designed for beauty but also for optimal security. Our windows are fully tested to ensure that they can withstand modern life, and all incorporate reliable, sturdy and solid locking systems and mechanisms which are specifically designed to keep unwanted intruders out of your property. They all feature push button hands with key locks to protect the house’s occupants whether they are in their home or away from the property.

All Evolution windows are supplied complete with a comprehensive integral locking system with shoot bolts at both the bottom and top. Silver-finished steel bolts are used throughout Evolution’s window security systems to ensure complete effectiveness and consistency. Evolution’s high-security window locks are designed to engage on three sides of opening casements to ensure maximum protection from intrusion. Meanwhile on the interior of the opening sash, security SAC bolts are fitted to make the opening even more secure. Since this allows each side of our top hung or side opening sashes to be made completely secure, homeowners can have assurance that their property has the best possible protection from any unwanted intruders.

Additional Safety Features Are Available

While Evolution’s PVCu windows are already very secure and strong, there are some additional safety features which are available to homeowners who want the greatest peace of mind when it comes to their home security. There are locking handles available which can provide a further layer of security for windows. These are especially popular in top floor rooms which can be accessed by vulnerable people or children.

How Strong Are PVCu Windows

Providing Excellent Security For Your Family

Although it is impossible to guarantee that any property is 100% safe from burglaries, when you choose PVCu windows from Evolution, you can have confidence that you’ve made a secure and reliable choice. Every window has been designed to the highest possible standards and will be fitted by experts from our approved installers. Not only that, but each window will also feature a high-quality locking system that will provide optimal protection for both your family and your personal possessions from unwanted intruders and burglars. Contact the approved Evolution retailer in your area today to find out more about choosing secure PVCu windows for your property.

How Strong Are PVCu Windows

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