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Georgian Windows Vs Georgian Astragal Bars

Georgian Windows Vs Georgian Astragal Bars

Whether you live in a period property or whether you would like to emulate a classical look for the exterior of your home, you may be wondering whether you should choose Georgian bars or Astragal bars to give your house the look you desire.

Many homeowners are unaware that these two types of windows aren’t the same thing, however, despite some similarities, there is a key difference which makes it very important for anyone who is considering choosing this type of bespoke window to know exactly what they’re looking for when making a purchase.

How Are Georgian And Astragal Bars Similar?

Astragal bars (sometimes known as Georgian Astragal bars) and Georgian bars are used in windows to make them look like traditional Georgian-style windows. Classic windows from the Georgian period were made up of many small panes of glass in one single window, each one set into its own small frame. The benefit of opting for Astragal or Georgian bars is that this attractive and traditional effect can be achieved by using only one glass pane instead of several panes in each window. This helps to keep the costs down when replacing windows.

Georgian Windows Vs Georgian Astragal Bars

What Are The Difference Between Georgian Bars And Astragal Bars?

Although the cost savings and the exterior effect of both Astragal and Georgian bars are similar, there is a major difference. Georgian bars fit inside the window’s sealed double-glazing unit. They fit between two glass panes meaning that the surface of the glass remains smooth and therefore, easier to clean.

Astragal bars, meanwhile, feature spacer Georgian bars inside the double-glazing unit as well as a set of external bars over the glazing unit itself. This gives the appearance of the window being separated up into smaller sections and makes it look more like an authentic period window. Since extra materials and additional work is required to fit Astragal bars, windows in this style have a higher cost than those which only feature Georgian bars.

Georgian Windows Vs Georgian Astragal Bars

When Can Georgian Bars or Astragal Bars Be Used?

Traditionally, both Astragal bars and Georgian bars work well in all kinds of property since they offer all of the benefits associated with the most modern windows. Both Astragal bars and Georgian bars can also be combined with a wide range of hardware and finishes for a truly stylish appearance and even greater kerb appeal.

Modern PVCu windows can be used with both kinds of bar and neither type of bar will affect the window’s energy efficiency. Typically, PVCu windows have double glazing as standard, and this means they are very thermally efficient, keeping warm air inside the home and ensuring cold air stays out. Neither Georgian or Astragal bars will have a negative impact on this.

Georgian Windows Vs Georgian Astragal Bars

Why Choose Astragal or Georgian Bars?

There are a number of reasons why homeowners opt for either Georgian bars or Astragal bars for their property. Some of the most common include:

  • Both Astragal and Georgian bars can create the look of stylish period-era windows for extra kerb appeal.
  • Both types of bars are very cost-effective since they use just one pane of glass instead of several smaller panes.
  • When either kind of bar is combined with modern window technology they are extremely secure and energy efficient, offering every benefit of contemporary vertical sliding sash windows or casement windows.
  • Both kinds of bar work beautifully on any style of home, whether period, heritage, townhouse or contemporary.
  • Both Astragal and Georgian bars may be ideal for use in a conservation area, although they will need to be approved for this purpose.
Georgian Windows Vs Georgian Astragal Bars

How Do I Choose Which Kind of Bar Is Right For My Home?

Essentially, deciding the kind of bar to use for your home’s windows is down to your own personal opinion and preferences. However, if you live in a period property or a home in a conservation area, Astragal bars may be the best choice for you. This is because they have a more traditional appearance, and look more like the classic individual panes which would be found on authentic Georgian-era windows.

For anyone who lives in a modern property, either Astragal bars or Georgian bars can be used to excellent effect. Both options are available in a choice of finishes with a woodgrain effect that ensures a realistic look with no need for ongoing maintenance which would be necessary if real timber frames were fitted. Even better, they are both more affordable than wooden frames and have no rattles or draughts which are all too common with timber framed windows.

Contact an approved Evolution installer today to find out more about whether Astragal bars or Georgian bars would be the best choice for your home.

Georgian Windows Vs Georgian Astragal Bars

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