Conservation Areas

Windows, redefined.

Replacement Windows & Doors For Conservation Areas

Our conservation area windows have been meticulously designed and developed to adhere to Article 4 Conservation Area guidelines, delivering a window system that authentically replicates the beautiful look, feel and traditional dimensions of a timber window but with none of the associated pitfalls - no warping, flaking and no need for sanding and painting. Evolution conservation area windows feature authentic timber aesthetics, whilst delivering exceptionally high energy, acoustic, durability and security performance.

Our Storm 2 and Flush windows carry a certified Window Energy Rating of A+13 and A+11 respectively, achieving a U-Value of 1.3 - in excess of British Building Standard requirements. Our ethos is a simple one which we are proud of. Evolution will constantly drive innovation to design and create a truly authentic timber-alternative window and door solution that fuses advanced performance with superior aesthetics.



Conservation Areas

The visual character of conservation areas is under threat from unsympathetic replacement windows and doors. Together with our installation partners we work with the Conservation rules by specifying traditionally detailed, high performance timber alternative replacement windows that meet the current Building Regulations while incorporating traditional sightlines.

We have combined today’s levels of energy-efficiency along with modern materials that both Conservation Officers and Building Inspectors can embrace.








Article 4

Under legislation introduced in 1995, local authorities can make further restrictions on the kind of alterations allowed, depending on how these might affect the key elements of buildings in the conservation area. Examples include putting up porches, painting a house a different colour, or changing distinctive doors, windows or other architectural details. These restrictions are called Article 4 Directions. Windows are one of the most important design features of a building. Even small changes have a significant effect on its appearance. The position of the window in the opening, the proportions of the sashes, the arrangement of the opening lights, the thickness and profile of glazing bars and rails, the joints, the frame material, even the glass itself, all have an effect on the appearance of the window and its appropriateness.

Evolution conservation area windows combine authenticity with high performance: energy-efficiency, security, acoustic and low maintenance. Our unrivalled attention to detail and traditional timber aesthetics has led to us achieving a high success rate for gaining approval for replacement windows within designated Conservation Areas. You should always obtain prior consent from your local planning officer before proceeding with any building work. If you are considering installing new or replacement windows and doors in a conservation area, or in a period building, talk to one of our customer care advisors who will be able to provide support for your application.