Keeping your Home Warm this Winter

If you want to keep warm around the home and save money on heating bills this winter, here’s an essential guide from Evolution Windows.

Trap your heat

An effective way of reducing energy bills, certainly in period properties, is simply closing curtains at night. If your curtains aren't heavily lined, tack a blanket behind them, but be sure to let in the light during the daytime as the sun helps to warm your home. 

Keep your doors shut

Also, keep doors shut when the heating is on, especially if you congregate in one room during the evenings, and dig out a draught excluder or have them fitted to all your doors. And don't forget less obvious areas where heat can escape – keyholes and letterboxes, for instance, for which flaps are available. 

Check your floors

In a typical home, 15 per cent of the heat is lost through the floor alone, so check floorboards and skirting boards for gaps. Just by buying some beading or mastic sealant, you could save money on your heating bill.

Keeping your Home Warm

Block up disused fireplaces

If you have an unused fireplace, be sure the flue is closed and glass doors are in place to minimise heat loss, and consider a chimney pillow/balloon, an inflatable bag made from a special laminate that makes them airtight and which will just shrivel up if heated by accident.

Lower your thermostat

By turning your thermostat down to reduce your room temperature by just 1C, you could cut your heating bills by up to 10 per cent. Insulate your walls and loft Around half of heat loss in a typical home is through the walls and loft. No wonder the average British home could save hundreds of pounds by installing loft insulation and cavity wall insulation.

Invest in Triple Glazing According to the GGF Energy Saving Calculator Triple glazing is approximately 60% more thermally efficient than standard C-Rated aluminium double glazing and 40% more than an A-Rated double glazed window. Triple glazed windows insulate in a few different ways. Having three panes of glass triples the amount of glass that heat has to get through, slowing its movement and aiding insulation. The real insulating power, however, comes from the trapped air between the panes of glass.

Evolution Windows triple glazed windows come with a 10 year guarantee and are amongst the very best in energy rated performance could save you up to £700 per year on your home heating bills. 

Keeping your Home Warm

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