Window Furniture 

Windows, redefined.

Traditional & Contemporary Window Handles

The Evolution window furniture ranges are complimented by an unrivalled choice of carefully selected contemporary and period hardware to complement all types of properties and interiors. We offer three main handle ranges, many also have the option of matching working, or decorative peg stays too. For total peace of mind that style won’t compromise performance, every Evolution handle comes with secure locking built in as standard. Our window furniture collection are categorised into 3 ranges: 


This exclusive, period range of handles and peg stays are an extremely popular choice to accompany Evolution windows. All of the handles are made of solid wrought iron, and are all completely hand finished in the UK. They are available in 2 different styles, the Monkey Tail and the Period Curved handle.  


As you would expect with Evolution, even our Standard window furniture collection boasts exceptional credentials, offering an attractive, contemporary offset nickel-based window handle which is available in a wide choice of colour and finish options to compliment the Evolution window range.  


The Ventiss range of handles offered by Evolution provide a contemporary yet stylish look to any window. They are available in two window furniture styles, the elegant Teardrop and the minimalist 360 round Grip handle, the Ventiss range are available with matching peg stays to complete your window transformation.

Period Curved Black Window Furniture

Period Curved Black

Period Curved Pewter Window Furniture

Period Curved Pewter

Monkey Tail Black Window Furniture

Monkey Tail Black

Monkey Tail Pewter Window Furniture

Monkey Tail Pewter

Monkey Tail Smooth Window Furniture

Monkey Tail Smooth

Bulb End Black Window Furniture

Bulb End Black

Bulb End Pewter Window Furniture

Bulb End Pewter

Standard Black Window Furniture

Standard Black

Standard Gunmetal Window Furniture

Standard Bronze

Standard Gold Window Furniture

Standard Gold

Standard Chrome Window Furniture

Standard Chrome

Standard Satin Window Furniture

Standard Satin

Standard White Window Furniture

Standard White

Ventiss 360 Black Window Furniture

Ventiss 360 Black

Ventiss 360 Black/Chrome Window Furniture

Ventiss 360 Black/Chrome

Ventiss 360 Gunmetal Window Furniture

Ventiss 360 Gunmetal

Ventiss 360 Gunmetal/Chrome Window Furniture

Ventiss 360 Gunmetal/Chrome

Ventiss 360 Gold Window Furniture

Ventiss 360 Gold

Ventiss 360 Gold/Chrome Window Furniture

Ventiss 360 Gold/Chrome

Ventiss 360 Satin Window Furniture

Ventiss 360 Satin

Ventiss 360 Satin/Chrome Window Furniture

Ventiss 360 Satin/Chrome

Ventiss 360 Chrome Window Furniture

Ventiss 360 Chrome

Ventiss 360 White Window Furniture

Ventiss 360 White

Ventiss 360 White/Chrome Window Furniture

Ventiss 360 White/Chrome

Ventiss Teardrop Black Window Furniture

Ventiss Teardrop Black

Ventiss Teardrop Black/Chrome Window Furniture

Ventiss Teardrop Black/Chrome

Ventiss Teardrop Gunmetal Window Furniture

Ventiss Teardrop Gunmetal

Ventiss Teardrop Gunmetal/Chrome Window Furniture

Ventiss Teardrop Gunmetal/Chrome

Ventiss Teardrop Gold Window Furniture

Ventiss Teardrop Gold

Ventiss Teardrop Gold/Chrome Window Furniture

Ventiss Teardrop Gold/Chrome

Ventiss Teardrop Satin Window Furniture

Ventiss Teardrop Satin

Ventiss Teardrop Satin/Chrome Window Furniture

Ventiss Teardrop Satin/Chrome

Ventiss Teardrop Chrome Window Furniture

Ventiss Teardrop Chrome

Ventiss Teardrop White Window Furniture

Ventiss Teardrop White

Ventiss Teardrop White/Chrome Window Furniture

Ventiss Teardrop White/Chrome