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Painted & Traditional Timber Effect Doors

Are you looking for a completely different type of effect for your door? Do you have a favourite colour that you’d love to see welcome you home each day or you simply want to match your new door to an existing design scheme? We have a choice of over 200 RAL colours available whilst offering our colour matching service, replicating any unique colour you may desire.

Colour Palette

Whilst design plays an important part of the overall impact of your door, the colour you choose can make it truly individual.

Colours can help a door complement with its surroundings or stand proud and demand attention, only you can decide what works best for your home. All of our doors are supplied with our wood effect timber-style jointed door frame.

Stormproof Collection

The Stormproof range includes all of our standard wood colours, including our standard internal colour White Wood.

Smooth White wood effect coloured doors

Smooth White Finish

White Wood Effect coloured doors

White Wood Finish

Cream Wood Effect coloured doors

Cream Wood Finish

Evo Oak Finish coloured doors

Evo Oak Finish

Natural Wood Finish coloured doors

Natural Wood Finish

Olive Grey Wood Finish coloured door

Olive Grey Wood Finish

black wood coloured doors

Black Wood Finish

Agate Grey wood effect coloured doors

Agate Grey Wood Finish

Anthracite Grey Wood Effect coloured windows

Anthracite Grey Finish

Rosewood coloured doors

Rosewood Finish

Cottage Collection

Black door colour


Blue door colour


Green door colour


Red door colour


White door colour


Gold Oak door colour

Gold Oak

Rose Wood door colour

Rose Wood

A multiitude of colours to choose from

If you find that our popular standard foil colours are not quite what you are looking for; we have a solution.

Your door can be Kolobond finished to any one of over 200 RAL paint colours. Ask you Evolutuion retail partner to show you a RAL colour swatch and make your own personal choice of colour to match your requirements - anything is possible!

RAL Coloured Doors